Recover the most profit for your bottom line from your end-of-life equipment with us. eMagic can help you safely and profitably retire IT assets. Our ability to buy and sell surplus and used computer components in bulk is unparalleled in Asia’s emerging markets, meaning you can be assured you are getting the highest possible returns.

If you have recyclable equipment sitting in your inventory, why not consult us for more details on how you can get more out of IT asset recovery.

eMagic understands the criticality of data security and takes measures to prevent unauthorised access to data and ensure peace of mind that no drive is missed out during our process.

We provide data destruction services and use technology which meets industry benchmark and global compliance standards. We can securely completed data wipes for storage drives used by large financial institutions, multinational enterprises and government entities. Certification will be provided as proof of data destruction. Equipment that cannot be reused or repaired is responsibly disposed of.

Data centre migration, upgrading and closure typically leave companies with large inventories of IT equipment for disposal. eMagic can help you maximise IT asset recovery value for your organisation’s year-end bottom line and responsibly recycle unusable IT equipment as part of CSR.

We specialise in buying and selling used HDDs, CPUs, computer memory modules and other computer parts and have the technology to securely erase data for your hard drives.